Samaila Bala

I'm Samaila Bala

I'm is a self taught Software Engineer and Technical Writer based in Nigeria. I love creating content that helps breakdown complex problems for developers into more simpler concepts and have been featured on blogs like LogRocket, Asayer, and Medium.

I've been building websites and mobile applications since 2017 with a focus on good user experience and functionality. I am continuously learning and trying to master tools and technologies such as; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more to use in building better solutions to problems I come across in projects I work on.

When I'm not working on projects or writing articles you can find me driving around the city of Los Santos and also spending time discovering new artists to listen to on Spotify.

Selected Writing

Data Fetching Techniques with React

Apr 2021 - Knowing about the different data fetching techniques in React will enable you make informed decisions on the best use case for your application...

Vuex: State management for Vue Projects

Mar 2021 - Learn how to handle your state with Vuex, the state management library for Vue...

Server Side Rendering (SSR) with React

Feb 2021 - Learn how easy it is to do Server Side Rendering with React and NextJS...

Mirage JS tutorial: Mocking APIs in React

Feb 2021 - Use Mirage JS to build a mock API that creates the frontend of your application without having to rely on data from the backend...

AWS Amplify and React Native: A tutorial

Dec 2020 - Here, you can learn how to set up authentication in a mobile application using React Native and AWS Amplify....

Using React Native to implement a carousel

Nov 2020 - Carousels are the best way to use horizontal space in mobile applications. Here, you can learn how to create one using React Native...

Selected Projects



A web application shorten long URL linka that can be shared on social media

View on GitHub



A lightweight unsplash clone

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Manqala Estate Manager

Manqala Estate Manager

Estate Manager is used by property and facilities managers, real estate developers and residents associations to efficiently manage the processes on their estates, improve engagement with residents and property owners.